๐Ÿค”How are content ideas created in Dapta?

Dapta uses its integrations flow functionality to access public and private company information sources (if you configure them); to have the best possible context to generate superior quality content for your company.

Idea generation flow

  1. We extract content from your website and show it to the AI model. Here we seek to identify:

    1. Brand tone Brand value proposition

    2. Services or products we can find

    3. Important links on your page

  2. Competitor analysis

    1. We analyze the search results of your competitors. This means looking at Google to understand what search terms your competitors are getting traffic with (technically this is called Keyword Gap Analysis).

    2. We identify those search terms and learn them to generate suggestions for you.

    3. In short: We learn what works for your competitors that you don't have yet.

  3. If you already have previous ideas, we review the ideas you have liked and the ones you have rejected to generate better ideas and not incur content cannibalization.

  4. We compose a keyword (key phrase) of between 4 and 8 words that reflect the search intent of your potential customers.

  5. From the keyword, we generate a suggestion composed of:

    1. Keyword

    2. Title

    3. Description

We present you the idea on the idea board. To learn more about SEO best practices, you can take a look at this guide from Google.

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