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No-code platform that lets you build custom API integrations fast and easy
Dapta allows you to connect your data sources (databases, flat files, etc...) and create APIs from them in seconds. You can also create business workflows with third party APIs

Why does Dapta exist?

Developing backend, especially creating APIs and logic workflows is a slow and expensive process. We believe we can create a better framework for creating backend in an easy and cost-effective way.

With Dapta you can:

Create APIs from your own data sources

Let's say you have a structured data base or a flat file and want to access the information contained in the data source from a mobile app. Developing an API to access the data would take hours for a senior developer and days for a junior developer.
With Dapta, it takes seconds. Just connect your data source and we create the basic CRUD endpoints for you. What's best, all APIs are fully customizable, and you can create your own.

Create integrations between your backend logic and third party APIs

We know that backend nowadays requires integrating your own logic with third party APIs. Need a CRM? Use hubspot. Send emails? Sendgrid or Mailchimp. SMS? Definately Twilio.
That's why Dapta allows you to create seamless integrations between your own business logic and any API you can get your hands on.
It's like Zapier, but on steroids because we don't have to build each integration one by one. You can connect to any existing API by yourself, without coding.

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.
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