Get to know all the details of the latest features and improvements we have made to the platform.

TL;DR In this edition:

  • Effortlessly manage data with Google Sheets integration (import, export, collaborate).

  • Automate repetitive tasks (data sync, reports) with scheduled workflows (Crons).

  • Find tools faster with a redesigned, user-friendly home interface.

  • Troubleshoot issues easily with clear debug logs (detailed logs available for technical users).

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๐Ÿงฉ Flow Studio

Custom Action for Google Sheets Integration

Connect your Dapta workflows directly with Google Sheets. This allows you to seamlessly:

  • Import and Export Data: Easily move data between Dapta and Google Sheets for analysis or sharing.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Work on the same data simultaneously with your team in Google Sheets.

  • Simplified Data Management: Keep your data organized and accessible in one central location.

Crons: Scheduled Flow Executions

Automate repetitive tasks within your workflows. This means you can schedule actions like:

  • Data Synchronization: Set data to automatically flow between Dapta and other platforms at specific times.

  • Report Generation: Schedule reports to be generated and delivered automatically, saving you time and effort.

Home Redesigned Experience

Finding the tools you need is now a breeze! The redesigned home interface provides a clearer layout, highlighting the most popular AI tools and integrations. This makes it easier to navigate the platform and manage your workflows.

Debug Logs

Identify and resolve issues in your workflows more efficiently with comprehensive debug logs. These logs provide a detailed record of what's happening within each workflow execution.

  • Detailed Logs for Everyone: Access clear and informative logs to understand potential issues.

  • Advanced Analysis (Technical Users): Download detailed logs for deeper analysis, allowing technical users to pinpoint specific problems.

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