Get to know all the details of the latest features and improvements we have made to the platform.

TL;DR In this edition:

  • Automate company workflows faster with reusable templates.

  • Access all AI marketing tools in one place for streamlined campaigns.

    • Blog Automation: Simplify content creation with automated blog releases.

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๐Ÿงฉ Flow Studio

Flow Templates

Easily automate your company workflows with our new collection of reusable templates. From leads management to customer support, these templates enable you to automate tasks faster than ever before, saving valuable time and resources.

AI Marketing

Now you can access all your essential marketing tools and integrations in one centralized platform.

Blog Automation Self-Service

Simplify your content creation process with our new Blog Automation Self-Service feature. Train your model, generate content automatically, and schedule blog releases directly from our platform. Empower your team to create engaging content effortlessly, freeing up time for other strategic initiatives.

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